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About Lintel Replacement

When you notice lintel movement over a doorway, window, opening, or garage door it has to do with poor installation. For years steel angle irons (lintels) where used for the above mentioned and there was no flashing and weep system installed. This created a serious problem because water is trapped on the lintel causing it to rust and lift the masonry. As the iron continues to break down you will also notice the iron settling in the center. Once you notice this problem you will want to act quickly. Often the masonry above the iron will crack and separate allowing more water infiltration and causing more damage both to your masonry and even your home structure.

Midwest stands out in lintel replacement from other masonry contractors because of our experience in this field, our state of the art support system and flashing system, understanding how to blend displacement, and we reclaim as many of your existing brick for reuse. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes the difference as we take the time to provide lasting solutions that will maintain your structures integrity, value, and beauty.

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